Alternative and real investments

As part of the distribution of risk and obtaining surplus yield, we believe that a part of the client’s investment portfolio should be distributed between financial elements directly linked to the capital market, as well as real and alternative products with low correlation or no correlation to the capital market.

These investments enable investors reaching consistent yield, which is generally characterized by low risk over a long period in this part of the investment portfolio. The investments are screened in a well-structured process and approved by Lighthouse’s internal audit committee. As part of the investment review process, visits to overseas relevant locations and meetings with investments managers take place.

Lighthouse offers its clients investment in various segments: companies in the real estate sector and its derivatives, infrastructures, consumer credit, pharma, insurance and private equity. Our clients benefit from the option to participate in investment in private companies, private issues of existing public companies or prior to their IPO and issue for trade.

We perceive investment in the alternative assets, distributed into segments, geography and currency as an important tool for reducing the overall risk profile of the portfolio.

"We act on the customer's mission, in full transparency and committed to discretion while paying attention to information security"
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