As the holder of a marketing license, Lighthouse is entitled to prefer the financial assets it is affiliated with over other financial assets that are similar in their compatibility to those financial assets to which Lighthouse is not affiliated with.

The nature of the affiliation is derived from the fact that Lighthouse may receive a return inter alia for the acquisition and/or holding and/or success fees from the entities listed below.
The reward received from the entities may differ between the various products.

The following is a list of entities and financial assets to which Lighthouse has an affiliation with:

  • Spree
  • Buligo
  • Sphera
  • Value
  • Mor
  • JTLV
  • Migdal Capital Markets
  • Hazavim Funds
  • New Vest
  • SBC
  • Brightman – Gil
  • Reality Ltd
  • Harel
  • Phoenix
  • Harbor Group
  • Noked Capital/ Opportunity
  • IBI
  • BSP
  • Meitav
  • Pagaya
  • Montello
  • Tandem
  •  Fund
  • Electra Real Estate
  • Merlin
  • Milestone Ltd
  • Diamond Capital

Lighthouse Financial Solutions holds a license in Investments Marketing, as this term is defined the Investments Consulting, Investments Marketing and Investment Portfolios Management Arrangement Law – 1995. The company is a consulting company, which has affiliation with certain financial assets, and may prefer them over similar financial assets, which are not affiliated to it.
The data presented in this document is general data, for information purposes only, and should not be considered as investments consulting, investments marketing, recommendation or proposal for the acquisition/ sale/ holding of securities, or proposal for any supervised financial activity whatsoever. Accordingly, the data presented in this document do not constitute a replacement for investment marketing which weighs the specific needs and characteristics of each customer.

"We act on the customer's mission, in full transparency and committed to discretion while paying attention to information security"
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