Company Profile

Lighthouse Financial Solutions specializes in the provision of Family Office services to financially wealthy families and high net worth individuals. Our services include personal consulting customized to the structure and objectives of the overall private and familial capital.

Lighthouse Financial Solutions was established on the basis of our vast experience related to Customer Asset Management on a large scale in the local and global markets.
We operate on behalf of the customer, in complete transparency, and are fully committed to confidentiality and discretion, while ensuring information security.
The assets management is conducted through financial institutes and banks selected by the customer.

We consult on investment portfolios and integrate external portfolio managers in Israel and abroad, define a policy and risk levels for them and maintain close control over their activities.

Alongside the advisory activities and portfolio management, we utilize a broad range of investment solutions in the portfolios, including mutual fund, hedge funds, real and
alternative products which were examined by us and were found suitable for integration in order to increase returns and risk distribution.

In addition, we handle a broad range of additional services such as: international taxation, credit, trusts, estate planning and retirement consulting, in collaboration with prominent offices in those fields.
The Company operates under an Investments Marketing License from the Israel Securities Authority (ISA),

Our services

  • Personal financial management customized to the clients’ needs – An overall view of the financial and real assets’ portfolios. Defining a risk policy and an investment policy.
  • Recommending portfolio managers in Israel and abroad, integrating them in the overall portfolio according to specialty and strengths provided by each manager in its respective field.
  • Accompaniment and daily control of portfolio managers: Implementation of investment policy, ongoing overview of property portfolio yield performance, review of exceptional investments, risk monitoring.
  • Costs and commissions: Reduced commissions according to Lighthouse’s Agreements with banks and investment houses in Israel and abroad.
  • Structuring and consulting in issues relating to the investment portfolio – Stocks, corporate bonds, concern bonds, ETFs, hedge funds, and more.
  • Ongoing work on the issue of investments with banks and financial institutions in Israel and abroad.
  • Generation of monthly reports and analyzing them according to varied parameters (distribution of investment channels, geography, industry, yield bearing properties/cash flows, negotiable/non-negotiable, and more…)
  • Integrating a pension consultant in the portfolio to examine the provident and pension funds.
  • Selecting suitable hedge funds and investment funds for the overall portfolio, including ongoing monitoring of their activities.
  • Close contact with a CPA or Auditor on issues of taxation.
  • Examination and accompaniment of real estate transactions offered directly to the client or to Lighthouse.
  • Examination of alternative / real investment in the client’s portfolio – recommending projects and integrating them into the portfolio.

The relationship

Personal monthly meetings in our offices or anywhere else chosen by the customer, telephone conversations as needed.
Issuing monthly reports which specify the status of the customer’s assets, the performances and the portfolio’s risk levels.

"We act on the customer's mission, in full transparency and committed to discretion while paying attention to information security"
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